Thursday, May 8, 2014

A great update....

Here it is, the long overdue update.  I think the longer I waited to write the more overwhelming writing the blog post actually sounded.  I think I have left you all hanging long enough.

So I referred to a "motivational" talk from the pediatricians office last time I blogged and the family meeting that ensued.  At some point after that we decided to switch Simon to a higher calorie formula.  We switched from Complete to Boost.  The boost offered us a flavor and also 360 calories per 8 ounces rather than the 250 of complete.  The results the first day were sensational, Simon was opening his mouth wide and keeping his hands out of our way.  He finished one of those in 15 minutes, which was a feeding miracle and record for us!!  That day he had 1800 calories!!!  Things continued on pretty good for about 2 weeks maybe...but then the feedings got hard again.

We had been battling the pressures we were feeling to get a feeding tube from every angle.  Finally after a few months of feeding him Boost only (3 a day) and prunes (we have to give him this to balance the constipation that comes from the boost) the feedings weren't going much better.  We were still spending too much time and now, instead of spending time getting purees of good stuff (the avocados, coconut oil, nuts and other protein sources, fruits, veggies, supplements) we were spending almost the same amount of time and only getting, synthetic food in him....sadly with lots of sugar (that is what helped him like the taste!)  So the idea of getting him the feeding tube so that we could actually blend REAL food and put it into his belly with NO STRUGGLE started to sound great.

So we decided, with much grief at first to get him a feeding tube.  So far, he still doesn't have the tube because of bazare illnesses striking each time we have had it scheduled.  But currently, he seems pretty healthy and we have the proceedure set for July 11th.  Please pray that we are able to get it done that day.  Also pray for wisdom for us as we look into spending a large chunk of money on a blender that will liquify things for us.

In other fronts, Simon oddly, while taking a break from most therapies (we only go once a week now for 30 min of speech and 30 of OT) is in a developmental heyday.  He is now rolling over on the floor onto all fours.  He likes to stop there and look around a bit and giggle.  I think he is pretty proud of himself.  He will also scoot over to things he is INTERESTED in EXPLORING.  (I put those in all caps because those statements are HUGE)  Yes I just said he is showing interest in things and exploring!!!  Right now he will grab toys and bring them up to his chin, I think he likes to check to see if ANYTHING will vibrate for him as vibrating objects bring him comfort and calming like nothing else.  He is also in an oral phase.  He will grab our finger and pull it into his mouth.  Sometimes he will suck on it, which is huge since until now he has shown no ability to drink from a bottle (perhaps now is the time to see if he will take a cup with a straw??)  He has also bit down on our fingers but most of the time he just wants to show us how to flick his lip.  When he was at the orphanage he spent a lot of time in the crib alone, as you know, and he played with his hands.  One of his things to do was to play with his lip.  So he finds it amazing that he can show us how to play with his lip and while we are doing this for him, he has both of his hands free to wring (he rubs his hands like a devious chartoon character).  It brings him great makes me happy that he has "communicated" his desires to us and also that he is asking US to bring him comfort....which I think is a pretty huge deal.

In April, while Simon was under for some testing, we checked his hearing again. (we had done a few tests that were always inconclusive while he was awake) Well, this time we found out a few things....some of which were hard to hear.  Firstly, they thought he might have liquid behind his ears because they couldn't get a reading, so we gave them the go ahead to put tubes in his ears.  Well, it turns out that wasn't the problem.  The problem was that for years he had ongoing ear infections, most likely from being fed on his back.  The ear infections were never treated, and as a result, created "resessed pockets".  At this point they told us that this could lead to a cyst in there that would lead to an infection in his bone that would cause hearing loss.  (AHHHH, I did not see any of this coming)  So that was hard, but fast forward, it turned out fine on this front, he didn't have a cyst, he didn't have the bone infection hearing loss.   But then when the test was complete the audiologist came in and told us the "great news" that our child was a canadate for hearing aides, oh, and she mentioned that he wasn't hearing much of what we were saying to him.  The pictorial graph showed us he could hear motorcyles, loud pianos and airplanes.  Her exctiement about the hearing aides was very tainted for me, as 1. she had never met Simon awake and was saying things that would NOT work about how they would set the hearing aides up. (I was being way to practical and thinking, how would he ever keep them in, and how could they possibly test them?)  2. She just told me my child had profound, permanent hearing loss....that was a big deal to me.  At this point I thought it was alll related to untreated ear infections....insert anger and grief and frustration at the NEGLECT during the first 8 years of his life.  However, we still don't know, he could have been born with hearing loss....or we could put this in the pile with all the "incidents" that happened, you know the "incident" that harmed his brain, and the "incident" that is causing his right eye to die....The not knowing is hard for me.  SHould I be angry at a person for beating this helpless child??  Or should I chalk it up to birth defects?  Does it matter....?

Okay, so anyway, the good news.  Simon got hearing aides last week and he LOVES them.  He LOVES having them in and while we haven't seen huge strides in the understanding or speech department, and really we shouldn't for like a year, he is chattering at lower volumes so we KNOW that he is hearing himslef and I think he is looking at us like he is hearing more as well.  I forgot to add above on his devleopmental heyday, that Simon has been tracking us with his eyes and "tuning" in on what is going on around him a lot more.  He is making more eye contact and people are noticing :)  This was even before he had his ears on :)

Last but not least, Simon sat up for the first time EVER.  He held himself there for nearly one minute.  It was amazing!!  

Here are a couple of pictures off this ipad.  I will do my best to add some pictures to this post from my computer very soon :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Out and about in Pleven

Today I went to the Pleven Panorama, it cost me 5 leva to get in, once inside I was then paired with a man who spoke some English and asked if I wanted to pay 20 leva for a guided tour.  He also informed me that I would need to pay 5 leva to use my camera.  (about 2 minutes into my taxi drive to the monument I realized that I had forgotten my standard lens on my camera, I only had a close up one, so I knew there was no way I was going to get any descent photos of the place.  When I stood 100 feet from the front door I could still only capture the building front entrance in 2 shots, the top and the bottom, HA)  So I told the man I wasn't going to pay for pictures and I didn't act super interested in paying the 20 leva for a guide….but for some reason he decided to be my guide anyway.  (I feel like I am paying the "gringo"tax everywhere I go, but it needs to be named something else like the "gringesky tax" or something.  Either way I am a target….but I am fighting back!  You may have ripped me off yesterday but today I am getting a tour for FREE :) )

When you enter there is a very LARGE staircase that wraps around and has 4-5 large paintings.  There is nothing to explain the scenes, so if I hadn't had my "guide" I really would have had no idea what was going on in them, other than the obvious men at war.  Once we cleared those paintings we made it to the grand show, a large circular room with a painting going all the way around it.  In front of the painting was a 3rd battle "forefront" if you will.  There were trenches with fake dead bodies and guns and cannons.  The whole thing is a big war scene from September 1877 when the Romanians, Russians and the Bulgarians finally fought off the Ottomans in Pleven which allowed Bulgaria to declare there Independence.  On December 1877 was the formal end to the siege, I believe or the point where the rest of Bulgaria was freed.   

Outside I ran into a very nice man selling his wares. (the basic touristy things, he had decks of cards, coins, magnets, table cloths, ash trays and more)  I have seen many tables like his.  In fact there are even more in the city center right now because Baba Marta day is coming and everyone is selling red and white bracelets to commemorate the day.  (I will get pictures of it tomorrow perhaps)  Anyway the difference was, he spoke wonderfully clear English (and Spanish, french and German, I can really only attest to the English and Spanish)  We had a great time talking and he told me many times, I could just look and I didn't need to buy anything, which was so different from the normal pushy sales person.  I wish now I would have asked to take his photo!

At this point I had finished my Pleven Panorama experience and it had taken all of 25 minutes.  Good thing the guide told me I did not need 2 hours there.  She had asked the taxi that drove me to the monument to pick me up in one hour.  However, everything was wet and rainy and you can only look at cannons so many times and I didn't have my book, so I started to walk.  The good Lord has blessed me with the ability to find my way out, if someone drives me in, I can reverse my steps and get myself out.  so I began to walk to meet my taxi!  And I took some photos along the way.

(disclaimer.  I have been having trouble getting this computer to work well for me, it is really not the computer's fault but most likely user error.  So I threw in some photos that should have been on yesterday's adventure. I also refuse to struggle to get these into order….so there you have it.  ENJOY…and if you are even in Pleven and have to chose between the Panorama and the Regional History Musuem…go to the Reigional History Museum!!! 


this sign said wine museum….I might have to find that place!

after my short adventure I waited for Grace to get back to the hotel and we went for lunch.  Her and I have a problem on these trips, we never take photos of each other together or separate, so here I am "enjoying" the restaurant called Speedy.  This was before my food came….I was really not that happy after it came.  I should have stuck with the skewers….skewers are always a good bet.  I also need to stop ordering mashed potatoes, in the last 2 days at 2 different restaurants I have been eating instant luke warm mashed postatoes…they are not good.

I thought this bus sign was nice.  The colors were nice to see on another dreary day of sunlessness.

as I take pictures like this one I often wonder, is there someone inside wondering why I am taking pictures of the entrance to their house.  And how would I feel if there was a foreigner outside my house with a large camera taking photos.  My answer is that I would probably try to go and make small talk with them…..but I am beginning to think I might be a rarity.

I found this very comical.  Apparently this slipnot fan could not contain his excitement about this band and just had to but it up on a building….very quickly and plainly.  Odd.

Again the colors got me, this graffiti artist, had a much bolder message than the slipnot fan….I don' really know what it says, but I thought it looked nice :)  The sign for the Panorama is also in this picture.  By the way, I really don't know that I would have found this place if I had tried to walk myself there.  It only cost me 3 leva each way from the hotel and I think it was worth it.  Although if I hadn't planned on the taxi coming back, I couldn't have just walked.  It was about 10 minutes away from my favorite museum.  you know the one, the Regional history Museum! :)

this was a look down the hill from the Panorama.

And here is where I finally ran into my taxi driver.  I think he was very surprised to find me walking up to his taxi.  He had stopped to buy some cigarettes and when he came back to the car, there I was!

Yesterday I discovered my favorite grafity…a true artsy book nerd must have commissioned this one :)  It seemed very planned where it was and I thought it was lovely.  There was a book store on the other side of this building.

this was on the entrance to what I assumed, using my best deductive reasoning, was a bar :)

the only thing I would change about these statues would be to have some info in English near them.  You know where else there needs to be some info?  At breakfast at this hotel they have some cereal, near some bowls.  Next to the bowls and the cereal is a pitcher of what looks like milk….only it isn't milk.  It is WATERED DOWN YOGURT!!  Now, I say, if you are going to put a pitcher of watered down yogurt, which apparently people enjoy drinking here, for the love, either move it from the cereal or put a sign on it.

Again the colors brighten my day a bit and brought light to what I find a communism dreariness, which isn't so bad when the sun shines….I am hoping for sun tomorrow!!

This is a door to a church….

I thought this tree in the middle of the sidewalk was lovely, I like that although the tree was in their way they just made the sidewalk around it, and even when they chopped off all of its branches they still thought, hey birds might like this tree, we will hang some bird houses on it.  So nice of them.

this is a painting from the regional history muesum…I am into colors today!

wish I knew who this guy was and why they are celebrating him currently!

and last but not least is a Darth Vader bug man…who I do not think was commissioned to be here but it made me laugh and take a picture.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pleven Tourism

Well, we arrived in Bulgaria on Sunday!!!  The trip here was very uneventful, although I will tell you, that when I got onto that plane that was going to take us over the great big lake, I reached up to adjust my personal fan (you know the one that is over your head on a plane, for people who get motion sick like me, to use) it was MISSING!  I looked above Grace's seat, no she didn't have one either, WHAT????  NO FAN????  I recovered and we made into the air, but landing was one of the worst flight experiences of my life.  I had to use the puke bag……as a fan….but I still ended up SUPER sick.Anyway, we made it, it was fine, but I really hope that isn't a new trend for airplanes, especially international ones.  I am hoping the British airlines that brings us home…has a fan for me!

Through circumstances out of my control, I am not allowed to go to Grace's visits with her. :(  So I have been exploring the city and making friends.  In fact, just yesterday I met a very nice, possibly homeless man, with INCREDIBLE English skills.  Who said to me, "bob marley, yeah, reggie American, you like bob marley, I have a tattoo of him on my shoulder (he did not try to show me or anything as it was cold. I, as a smart traveler, was closing my bag while I was talking to him, although still showing interest)  He introduced himself, we chatted a bit and then he excused himself.  I found myself thinking, dang I should have asked him to show me around (but my American travel sensibilities stopped me, but it gave me a great start to the day!)

I walked and walked and took some photos and walked myself to the Regional history museum in Pleven.  That place is HUGE.  If you get a few hours, you should just try to walk through at least part of it.  The website had told me that it cost 2.00 leva to get in but that Mondays were free.  The website (and my experience in Sofia, 6 months ago) had me prepared to pay 5 leva to be allowed to take photos inside.  The odd thing was, when I walked through the gate, the little booth was empty, and the entrance to the museum was not clear.  I gave a group of men the "what's up" head nod, that I do to everyone here, most people think it is pretty weird, but who can really stop the midwesterner from coming out of me??  Anyway one of them said, "muesum?" and I said "YES".  He jumped in the little booth and grabbed some keys.  He then lead me to some HUGE doors, and unlocked them….then walked ahead of me to turn on some lights.  throughout my visit a staff person followed me around from room to room turning lights on in front of me and shutting them off behind me.  In certain areas they would pass the torch to the next person.  I wasn't too werided out.  I asked the first man if I needed to pay him for the photos and he said normally yeah 15.00 leva…huh, he didn't press me for money so I didn't pay him, as I got the weirdest feeling that if I did, he would just put it in his skinny jeans and keep it.  At some point they found someone who spoke English who explained to me the layout of the museum and that his colleagues would be following me around :)

The first floor was all super old stuff. The things that remind me how young my country truly is and that Roman things didn't happen in just books.  There were actual people leaving behind buildings made of marble and statues, that at one point were probably not headless, and gold crowns, bracelets and belt buckles.  So first floor, roman antiquity and then moving to the late 1800s.  they had wonderful displays of rooms in homes through the ages and the main hall throughout had different outfits from the regions in Pleven.  Wedding out fits and socks and belts through the ages.

When I climbed the marble stairs to get to the second floor and began to see things turn more, what I pictured, "British European" I was instantly not as awed.  Which I thought was odd, until it occurred to me, this is when my country's history starts, so I suppose it makes sense that I am not as excited to see old chairs from Jane Austin movies :)  I also began to notice some of the items were being imported from the good old USA, then I laughed to myself a little, and said no wonder I didn't think this was as "foreign".

Here are some pictures from my experience.  Some of my best ones could not be opened on the computer which was rough. I would really recommend this place to anyone traveling to Pleven.  It gave me TONS of history on the people here and LOTS of things were marked with English tags…..which helped :)  Oh and in the end I did end of paying 10 leva to take pictures.  It was worth it. I wish these photos were in a better order.  But I am very tired of trying to work on this post….so in no particular order here are some pictures:

Here is the outside of the museum, it goes on down both sides of the block.  It is huge!
See photo below for a picture of the houses they are describing.

Add caption
I am sad that this is the only photo that I have taking about the ottoman rule.  It is amazing that 500 years of ottoman rule can be described in a few sentences.  There was a black and white painting there, that depicted the oppression of the Bulgarians under the Turks.  It was a very intense photo.  The Bulgarian, with the help of the Romanians and Russians were able to declare their Independence from the ottoman empire in 1877.

On the top floor there were lots of displays about the arts, music, dancing and theatre.  These are some puppets.

belts…I bought a belt today, but I went a little more present day :)

traditional socks, if I can find some of these on the streets, I will buy them!

Here is St George, he is kind of my Pleven orphanage theme icon.  So I pay attention when I see him!  By the way, St George is no longer in the entryway to the Pleven orphanage, he has been replaced by some flowers and butterflies...

This is a picture of toys from Roman times….pretty interesting

To the left is the "washing machine" you can see below that it was an import from the USA.
Some Bulgarian traditional Bulgarian garb.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hospital stays and international travel

Well it has been while since I have blogged.  I want you to know that I have composed several blogs, but just haven't finished them, I don't know if that makes my silence any better or not? :)

On Wednesday Simon started throwing up, while it is always bad to have a vomiiting child, it was especially bad because he has been losing weight.  We had a "modivational" talk from the peds office about his need to gain weight just last thursday.  We had a family meeting, made our plans and then found ourselves unable to fully implement them because Simon was sick....AGAIN.

By Thursday, Simon threw up if we put any food or water in his mouth.  In the afternoon I called the doctor's office and then took him in, they then sent us to the hospital, for an iv and monitoring overnight.  I wasn't really thrilled to be taking my son to the hospital and was very fearful that once we were here they weren't going to let us leave!!!  However, things have gone really well.

Once the iv was in him last night his color looked so much better.  They ran some tests and found that he has pneumonia :( So he was coughing the night away last night and was pretty tired in the morning when they came to draw more blood.  But this afternoon he started acting more himself. He was laughing at Ishmael and smiling again, and even rocking in his bed :)

He still has a bad cough, which is making feeding him slow, I also don't really think he wants to be eatting, but that is the key to us going home, so that is what we are doing!!  If he keeps, keeping down the formula, then we are going to be good to go in just a few hours!!!

Here is Simon looking pretty cheery and showing off his big IV protector!

this is Ishmael, just before he got busted for standing up in Simon's crib. :)

One reason I really want to go home is that I need to pack, I am leaving to go to Bulgaria for a week with my friend Grace!! She is adopting a handsome little boy named Tony, from Simon's old orpahanage.  (this is the same Grace for whom this blog dirived it's name, from my first visit to Bulgaria where Grace was meeting her daughter Sam for the first time!)  I am getting excited about our trip, just in time to get ready to go!  But I will say, last night I was a little full of dread.  Our friend group has been under attack health wise, and this was kind of too close to home and too close to our trip.  But I can tell people have been praying, because I am NOT a basket case right now!

So there you have it. I have completed a blog. WOOO HOOO.

Please check back, as I hope to have some travel photos coming up here soon.  Also be sure to read Grace's blog for her latest news as she meets Tony!!

Please keep Simon in your prayers as he heals from this illness and his mom leaves for a week!!  Pray for my hubby and for Ishmael too!!  I have to have faith they will all be okay, so I can get on that plane!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's new with us? Man, everything.

So we have been very busy over here.  We did an IEP (individualized Education Program) through LPS and began having therapsits come out once a week to our house.  In the meantime we also started getting Simon evaluated at Madonna Rehabilitation Center.  After his inital evals they said they wanted to see him twice a week.  So BAM, just like that, therapies 3 times a week (PT, OT, Speech and feeding therapy).  So far so good I suppose, although we got up WAY to early this morning and I am pretty tired tonight.

I have found that overall Simon seems to really enjoy going to Madonna.  He seems to like getting out of the house and he LOVES therapists gushing over him and telling him good job all the time.  So much so, that he seems to be a little impatient with me if I am not giving him ALL my attention ALL of the time.  I am torn about this.  I am very happy that he is wanting attention and that he wants to play and practice and learn...but I am sort of missing my down time.  Which sounds horrible selfish on paper, but is greatly needed in my life :)

Feedings are still taking a LONG time.  We backed up the bus and began just feeding him liquids (rather than purees) this has helped shave 30-45 min off of feeding time.  Tomorrow is our feeding evaluation and I am trying to fight off the guilt already. I hope that the OT has sympathy on us and doesn't think we are horrible parents for taking a step back from spoon feeding to syringing.  I have worked to let myself off the hook about this change in feeding....because it really improved our lives without having to put Simon under the knive.  Feeding tubes are still being offered.....and declined.  I am either a glutton for punishment or just really affraid of medical trama.  :)

Simon has taken to chattering lately.  If we are all singing along in the car he will start shooting out sounds.  If we are in a loud room full of people talking, he often does his best to join in.  It is pretty cute.  I have been havning trouble getting his newest words on video...but today I did get some chattering recorded.  I thought I would post it for your enjoyment!

Simon now weighs 25 pounds and 8 ounces.  He has been gaining nearly 6 ounces a week, although we have had a couple of set backs here and there.  He has grown 2 inches since coming home and I hope to take some measurements soon so that I can tell you how much his thighs have grown because they have GROWN!!!!  I wouldn't go as far as to say they are fat but they are bigger than his ankles and that makes me VERY happy!  

We have been fighting H Plyori.  Simon has already been through 2 rounds of double anitbiotics and I have my doubts that we have gotten rid of it :(  But time will tell, I have to wait one more week and then I can collect another stool :)

We got Simon's hearing checked again today.  Apparently I waited too long after we got the wax cleaned out because he has more wax in his ears again!!  Time to make another appointment to get that cleared out.  All they could tell me today was that his ear drums appear to be working....he is hearing some stuff, but they were unable to tell me that his hearing was normal.  He did really well during the long ABN (I think that is what it was called), I had him in the carrier, that thing is a God send!  I made more than one person tear up as I told them about Simon and what he had been through.  Sometimes I feel so hardened to his past, othertimes I am so broken by it.  I hope this doesn't come off badly, but it brings me great comfort when I see others get saddened and horrified by the truth of Simon's old brings me hope that others will step up and say, "what is this injustice, this can not be, I will NOT allow it to exsist in my world....I will DO SOMETHING"

Doing something....the are lots of ways to help.  I have just begun to let myself read adoption blogs again and pray for the families.  I allowed myself to look, very briefly, on Reece's Rainbow at some children who need familes and prayed for them.  I can't look long or my heart breaks into a million pieces but I have begun to look again.  I feel like I could advocate more for children and I am opening myself up to the hurt in hopes that it will help me make a difference.

This little girl haunted me this week.  Please pray for her to find a family. 

MaddieGirl born March, 2006
Moderate mental delay; congenital heart defect, has had surgery to repair; developmental delays; farsightedness. She is currently receiving speech therapy and physiotherapy.

From 2010 report: Maddie is alert and likes to engage. She is helpful, likes to help with the younger children. Her walking in unsteady and is described as “crooked”. Understands simple orders, but in various activities she does not fully understand what is being asked of her. Maddie is determined to be independent and tries to perform everything herself. She enjoys helping others, likes to clean up when she sees a mess. Her fine motor skills need improvement. She seeks out attention. She likes to observe and then imitate. She is protective of her toys. Speech is significantly delayed at this time. She says few words (thank you, bye, this, no, uncle, mom). She enjoys singly loudly in her own little language.

Isn’t Maddie adorable? She would fit right in as “Mommy’s little helper”

The girl is well disposed towards school: she already can sit by the table with help completes the tasks, for a short time started to concentrate her attention to the task she is interested in. She is able to complete the task if proper motivation is provided. Still the girl’s activities in general are chaotic, non-meaningful and in consecutive order. She understands short instructions. General knowledge about herself and environment still are limited. She can show some items in her surrounding environment. Speaks in sounds/words, short words which needs the correction; is able to express her wishes, emotions, understands when misbehaved and comes close to a person and touches saying sorry and expressing her apology. She always asks when need to go to the bathroom and walks accompanied by the teacher‘s assistant. Her hygiene skills needs to be improved, but they are in place. The school bus takes Maddie from care institution and brings her back.


Soon I will be able to introduce you to a website made to raise funds for many projects at Simon's old orphanage.  I also need to tell you, that my friend Grace (as in Grace's fault) is adopting again...and she has asked me to go with her on her first visit....does this sound familar to anyone else?  :)  If you have any money that you "need" to give away before the end of the year...this would be a nice link to click on....   she could use an extra boost this christmas...and prayers that her journey to her son would go quickly.

Here is another family whose story has stopped me in my tracks just this week.
I think I am a sucker for older child adoption stories.  It is just so beautiful, so out of the norm, so RISKY...but I think it has to be REWARDING.

Well, I think that is all the updates I have, thank you so much for reading and following our story.  Thank you for all the encouraging words...they are food for my soul.  And your tears for, and joy in, my son mean more than I could EVER express in words.  Thank you for being the Lord's hands and feet on this earth.  Thank you again for helping bring my son home.  I am humbled that I have gotten to travel to Buglaria 3 times and that I have been entrusted with this little man, with the beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.  How could anyone have ever given him away?

Someone asked for a before and after picture of I am going to leave you with these 2 photos, the first was taken in June of 2012...the second in November of 2013 (after nearly 3 months home)

Commiting to the child in the first photo seems incredbily scary, commiting to the child in the second photo doesn't seem so what does that say about the orphans in the file photos?  Please don't let the crappy orphanage photos scare you away from saving a child's life....because after 3 months of being home they won't look like that any more...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Late November

This is the final installment of my 4-5 catch up picture blog posts....soon I hope to really take the time to tell you all how we are doing and how you can pray for us :)  Lord knows, some days we really need it! But he is always faithful to send up support and encouragement when we need it!

Last week I bought Simon a stander/walker thing.  I wanted to get one just like Grace's (which I can't remember the name of right is a graco....something...anyway it is taller and has cooler stuff on the top)  Anyway I bought a little one for Simon and he really likes being a little more in the action seems to be a pretty good place for me to leave him when I walk out of the room :)  And it gives him a bit of a play space...he started touching the toys right away and I can put his little piano right in front of him.

I think these boys might be watching football :)

rockin his little dance

time to try on a is getting COLD!

well it fits if mama holds it back like this :)

Simon is staring to find his brother quite funny.

it is was on :)